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Like most of you I'm an avid reader. I'm hoping to re-connect with old friends, make new friends, and of course spread the love of reading and writing around to everyone!

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Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death

Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death - Gyles Brandreth When an innocent game of murder (similar to Clue) turns deadly, Oscar Wilde and his companions, Robert Sherard, Arthur Conan Doyal, Wat Sickert, and Bram Stoker are there to help solve the case before time runs out. This is due to the fact that both Oscar and his wife, Constance, are on the list of victims. Luckily, Oscar has a great eye for detail and makes keen observations that exposes the murderers for who they really are before his family is put in jeapordy. This was a fun mystery to read and I enjoyed it much more than the first book.