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Two Years, No Rain

Two Years, No Rain - Shawn Klomparens "There are always possibilities. You just need to remember to be realistic about them."

I love Andy Dunne. He's a great character, one that I could really relate to. He's just trying to figure things out and seeing what's possible for him without losing his true identity in the process.

I thought the relationship games that were played between him and Hillary were a little over done and dramatic, but I know Shawn Klomparens did this on purpose to make a point.

However, I loved the part when Andy gets really angry at Hillary in the parking lot and smashes the poem on the pavement. I liked this part because it's the first time he's allowed himself to be mad since his brother's death and it also serves as a wake up call to Hillary that she's about to lose the one person she cares for most in this world.

Well, done Mr. Klomparens! This book did not disappoint at all.