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Beige - Cecil Castellucci Since this book has to be returned to the library today, I decided to spend my weekend dedicated to this book and I have to admit it was fun.

On dreary gray days here in Chicago, I was happy to escape to sunny Los Angeles with Katy and follow her on her journey into punk rock and learning about The Rat, Katy's father she never knew much about.

The first half of the book I thought Katy was kind of whiny and lived too much in her head. Her inner thoughts really got on my nerves, but then when she started opening up with Lake, The Rat and Trixie; getting down with the music, helping Lake out at the concert with back up vocals, and learning who her true friends were, was when I thought the book started to become pretty interesting.

I enjoyed that the titles of each chapter were song titles with the artist below, however, I agree with some of the reviews that when Lake mentions her favorite female punk rock singers/bands at Guitar Center she could of mentioned a few other ones as well like The Eyeliners, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Heavens to Betsy, Sleater-Kinney and other more rockin' riot grrl and punk rock bands than Ani Difranco, but that's just me.

All in all, a decent read, but for those who grew up in the riot grrl and punk rock scene this may not be the book for you.