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Death by Zamboni

Death by Zamboni - David David Katzman Private Eye Satan Donut goes on a treasure hunt to solve a mysterious disappearance. While he's on this fantastic voyage, a lot of very strange things happen including but not limited to the fact that Satan and his sister, riot grrl and writer of bad poetry, Etta Donut, must dress up as Mini and Mickey Mouse respectively in order to hunt down the Hebraic Hitmen, who are the only ones who can tell them where to find the mimes that will eventually lead them to the person they're looking for. Don't worry though the story doesn't end there, oh no, there's a lot more at the end that I'm not going to tell you about.

The number one thing I enjoyed about this book is the tongue in cheek humor. For instance on page 162 Satan realizes he hadn't cleaned his kitchen and he finds a paramecium named Carl who told him a few jokes that were quite cilia. It's these moments that make the book quite good.

I also, liked that each chapter has a sponsor from the commercial-entertainment state of degradation. For instance the last chapter of the book is sponsored by Monsanto-Wal-Mart-General Motors-Shell-Phillip Morris-NBC-Mary Kay, Inc. Owning your soul since 2001.

And last but certainly not least, if you have crazy parents who call you at the most inappropriate times, like when a mad scientist is about to morph you into a cockroach so you can survive the next apocalypse, then you should most certainly pick up this enjoyable book from David2 today! Just don't tell him I told you that, ok? Thanks :)