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I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone - Stephanie Kuehnert I liked this book a lot!

Emily Black is the kind of girl that I could really relate to, probably because my teen and college years were a lot like what she and Regan went through.

Like Emily and Regan I too grew up in a small town and would sneak out to Chuck Clarks to see the punk and metal shows. I'm not sure if Chuck Clarks is still around nor am I sure if my favorite band, ShovelBarn is still kickin' it, but these are the memories that came back to me upon reading Stephanie Kuehnert's book.

Unlike Emily though, I never had to deal with a parent leaving me, but I thought this part of the book was well done. I liked how Stephanie got to the heart of Emily, her father, and Louisa and the major theme of the book was the search for Emily to discover her roots.

A great summer read for teens and adults alike!