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Familiar Scars

Familiar Scars - Christy Leigh Stewart, Megan Hansen Christy Leigh Stewart is an author you should look out for.

This was the first book of her's that I read and it was really good and will be a story that stays with me for a long time and I can't wait to read more from her in the future


This book is about three orphans. Orabella who is the most practical and looks out for Rosalyn and her brother Albin. However, their luck turns for the worst when all three get their throats slit and are left in the water to drown.

Orabella and Rosalyn survive and look out for each other from there on out believing that Albin has died.

However, when Mr. Satine shows up at Orabella and Rosyln's place of work, their lives will never be the same. He takes them in and gives them a place to stay and in return he just asks for them to put on shows to entertain his dinner guests. It isn't until later on that Mr. Satine reveals who he really is, which is Albin. He too survived that horrible day and was adopted by a wealthy couple that couldn't have children of their own.

Rosalyn is thrilled and Orabella is a bit uncertain by what to make of all this, but she finally accepts it and she and Albin marry, then go on to have a daughter Dahlia who is born with a harelip, which was masterfully mended, even though it left a little scar.

Orabella and Albin also adopt Peter who gets torn apart by his father when he finds out he's working at the mortuary with Orabella instead of on the streets.

Rosalyn marries Mr. Haggard and they are very happy.

The one thing that forever binds them all are their familiar scars.