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Bucket of Face

Bucket of Face - Eric Hendrixson So, this week, I was hopped up on cold medicine. The kind that come in tabs and disolve in four ounces of water. I was under the weather and sleeping a lot, so I needed to read something, errr...shorter, so I chose this book and I'm really glad I did because it was a fun journey to take while not being in a 'normal' state of mind.

I must admit here and now that bizarro noir and mafia tough guys have become my most favorite off shoots of the bizarro genre, mix that with some absurdity, and it's most certainly a winner in my book. I mean I've always enjoyed the classic hard boiled detectives like Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade and Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe, and I can even get down with gangster movies like The Godfather, in which Al Pacino was awesome in. However, they just lack a certain twist, such as a certain gangster fruit or is it vegetable? who's obsessed with Michael Jackson, and when he gets shot needs to 'repair' with V8 juice, which this story certainly delivered and then some.

So, it's an easy transition to make (if you've read this one) that my favorite character in this novella was Roma the tomato gangster. I throughly enjoyed his Michael Jackson references and at the end I think I too saw his vision.

I liked how this story came full circle. It never left me hanging or wanting more. It was a complete story in less than 100 pages, which isn't an easy feat by any means and Eric Hendrixson did it fantastically well.