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Hi I'm a Social Disease: Horror Stories

Hi I'm a Social Disease: Horror Stories - Andersen Prunty Excellent short stories. Very creepy and well done. Andersen Prunty is a master of the horror genre. Even though I enjoyed all of the stories in this compilation, the three that stood out the most to me are the following:

1. Market Adjustment Great social commentary. In this one the market is going under and the big shot higher upers, think that everyone can be bought for a price. However, the main character in this one has literally lost everything and refuses to be bought, instead he stays and fights for what's right.

2. The Dust Season This one is about side show carnies. Eliza used to be Elastica, Queen of Bending, until one horrible night transformed her into The Painted Lady - flesh piercings and tattoos, and her lover becomes the quarter man.

3. The Funeralgoer I really liked the main character Thrip - especially when he scares the little girl in the car. However, a mystery has occurred in this small town. People are missing from their graves and Thrip gets invited to a "reverse" funeral by Mr. Nascent, a murderer, who makes Thrip tell the tales of their deaths upon reanimation. However, there is a very horrific twist in this one, that I won't give away, but was very well done.

A nail-biting read that should be picked up by all horror fans.