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Let the Great World Spin: A Novel

Let the Great World Spin - Colum McCann WHOOT! I'm FINALLY done!

This is one of those "epic" pieces of literature that centers around a central turning point. In this case a tight rope walker walking between the Twin Towers, and then spins off from there in great detail; similar to a James Joyce novel where everything is interconnected, only you don't know how until the very end.

I can see why this book wouldn't be for everyone, but I'm really glad I took the time to read it. Was it a life changing story for me? No, but the exquisiteness of such mundane details and the normalacy of it all, really made the story come alive. Also, that Colum McCann was able to keep the momentum of these details flowing throughout the whole novel, from beginning to end, absolutely astounded me, and I don't get astounded very often.

I would most certainly recommend this one to Joyce fans and people who like strong details. This book kept my interest from beginning to end and I would consider picking up another book by this author in the future, once I've taken a mental break and read some "fluff," just saying.