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Daddy's - Lindsay Hunter This week I felt really under the weather. It all started Monday morning when I woke up with a sore throat. Yesterday was the worst because I couldn't breathe at all and had that medicine head feeling all day long. So, my attention span just wasn't there for a long novel, but I was totally in the mood for some awesome short story action and this book didn't disappoint at all. I read it in between work, eating soup, and sleeping.

This is a great read for those times when you feel down in the dumps, you just don't think things can get worse, but then they do; this book will be your companion in those times of need. The stories are raw, gritty, and surreal. Lindsay Hunter does a great job of pulling back the curtain, giving you the scene in all it's glory (there's no holding back here!) and then leaving you to figure out what the fuck just happened.

I liked Lindsay for her brutal (dis)honesty. I liked that she made me feel uncomfortable and then just moved on to the next story. I didn't know weather I should read the whole book at once for a total mind-fuck or if I should ponder each story and try to digest it in my own way. I guess I did a little bit of both.