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Flatscreen: A Novel

Flatscreen - Adam  Wilson This was a decent read.

I really liked the unique descriptions Adam Wilson uses throughout the book, as well as, the bullet point lists. What I didn't like was the blurb on the front cover toting how 'hilarious' this book was because I'm not sure it's meant to be a comedy, per say. A comedy of errors maybe, because Adam Wilson uses humor to cover up Eli Schwartz's insecurities, makes uncomfortable situations more bearable, and hides all the character's inner sadnesses. These are all great ways to use humor in my mind, as they are true to life, but they didn't leave me peeing my pants or snorting water out of my nose. That's when I know things are hilarious.

However, I would recommend this book to others. Guys my brother's age, 25-30, who are just trying to figure things out; especially when they have had mother's who either didn't care or cared way too much, would probably enjoy this book more than I did and I think they would be able to relate to this modern slacker tale really well. If I was still a senior in high school (which thankfully I am not) Eli Schwartz and I would have been friends. He's a way cool character. I especially liked his bathrobe fashion statement.