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Editorial - Arthur Graham I keep trying to write this review with a straight face and I cannot do it. My face keeps breaking into a spontaneous smile from which laughter ensues. I keep wondering how in the heck I will convey this book, to you dear reader, to which you have probably not had the pleasure of reading, but should (and if you already have read this one, well then, you'll probably be able to follow this patchwork quilt of a review better than most).

Arthur Graham has crafted a wonderful fable-like adventure that evokes the absurdity and alienation of existence with intelligence and boat loads of depraved graphic humor. The only way I can describe it is: if this book were a visual artist, Dali, would be its name. Now mash that up with They Live (a wonderful John Carpenter movie), Hunter S. Thompson, The Doors, and hopefully you can sort of visualize as to what I'm getting at here, hopefully.

What I can say with a straight face is that book will never let you down. If it starts to get boring, something ridiculous occurs or is said. As is written in the book itself, "All things begin and end with either an action or utterance."

The story begins horrifically, in a way that is quite believable, and then morphs it into a bizarre story that is being worked together by an editor, who really wants to be a writer, for his client. However, when I started to wonder how the heck all these pieces were going to fit together, I was surprised by the ending, in which everything is pulled tightly to make sense.

So, if you want to go on a 31st Century adventure, in which anything can occur, and a lot of unbelievable things do, pick up a copy of this book today. I don't think you'll be disappointed. At least I hope not.