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Like most of you I'm an avid reader. I'm hoping to re-connect with old friends, make new friends, and of course spread the love of reading and writing around to everyone!

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Bradley Sands is a ****

Bradley Sands is a **** - Andersen Prunty,  Bradley Sands,  Kek-w,  Kristin Fouquet,  Cameron Pierce,  Tony Rauch,  Jess Gulbranson,  Sam Pink,  Elizabeth O'Hara,  Jordan Krall,  Carlton Mellick III,  D. Harlan Wilson,  Mykle Hansen,  Garrett Cook,  Michael James Gibbs,  Katy Wimhurst,  Micah Hac I had no idea that Bradley Sands was such a dick, until I read this ebook, in which some of my favorite bizarro authors and some other authors I never heard of before, but enjoyed immensley, explained in no uncertain terms that Bradley Sands is the biggest dick in the whole wide world.

I'm not quite sure what to make of all of this, but I must admit that I really enjoy Bradley Sands' writings and despite his dickness, I will continue to give him my money. And just so we're clear, he didn't put his peacemaker to my head and made me say it either, so there!