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Sophomoric Philosophy

Sophomoric Philosophy - Victor David Giron,  R. A. Miller,  Karolina Faber,  Gabriel Hurier I'm really glad I read this book. There was a lot I could really relate to like trying to balance art/passion with security/reality, as well as, looking back idealistically on youth and the fun times/conversations that sometimes as adults, we don't have any more.

Now that I'm 30, (actually 18 with 12 years of experience), and almost all of my friends are married and starting their own families, I can totally relate to Alex when he says he doesn't want those things. I too want adventures, experiences, and philosophical discussions. I'm not saying having a family is a bad thing, it's not. I thoroughly enjoy being the 'fun' Aunt to my friend’s kids, but I'm also happy to give them back at the end of the weekend. I guess I really enjoy my free time a little too much.

I also really enjoyed Alex's commentary on music and Chicago being a great city. I now need to check out Never a City So Real: A Walk in Chicago

Finally, I really liked the textbook feel of the book, which was great with drawings for each chapter, and even though the book was fictional, it felt like I was reading a well done memoir. I really liked the stream of consciousness writing with precise details, as well as, Alex's self deprecating humor, which I found to be irresistibly wicked.

I think this will be one of those books I will find myself going back to from time to time, just to re-read my favorite passages while listening to the music he mentions throughout, which was a lot of fun too!