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Sometimes You Need To Wreck To Find Order, Within Yourself.

Wreck and Order: A Novel - Hannah Tennant-Moore

This is one of those books where on the surface it appears that nothing is happening, but then you look just below the surface a bit and boom, it's all right there.


This is not a neat and tidy narrative, which I really appreciated. Elsie (the narrator) is not simple.  She has a chronic inability to square the kind of life she imagines for herself with the kinds of thoughts and desires that inhabit her constantly zooming mind, which means that inner peace is elusive at best. I can totally relate. My mind is like this as well. This year I've really had to slow down and do a ton of inner work on myself in hopes of rising from the mud of my past like a lotus flower.


My favorite parts of the story was Elsie's journey through Sri Lanka. The way the passages were written made me feel like I was right there beside her. No small writing feat.


In the end, Elsie comes to a magnificent conclusion, that "everyday smallness" is something to be truly grateful for.