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Not As Good As The First, But Decent None The Less

— feeling smile
Louisiana Bigshot - Julie Smith

CASE: Babalu Clayton Maya Patterson (Talba's friend, healer, and poet) is murdered and most of the story takes place in Clayton, Louisiana which is very different than New Orleans.


FIRST: You get Talba's side of the story from her unique perspective.


SECOND: You get Eddie's in his no nonsense way.


THIRD: Talba and Eddie come together to solve the case and things go a bit wrong before they go right. So this was where the humor comes in and was the most exciting part of the story.


SIDE STORY: Talba uses her P.I. powers to locate her sister Janessa, who turns out to be very different than both Talba and her mom. Talba tries to get her to open up to her.


I hope the next story in this series takes us back to New Orleans and Talba as her Baroness Poet self gets to know Janessa for real. I hope Talba and Eddie get to work together because when they get together to solve a case, it's pretty hilarious and fun. Looking forward to seeing what the next story will bring.