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Just When I thought Gillian Flynn Couldn't Get Any Better, She Does.

— feeling bloody
Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

I'm glad I read Gillian Flynn's books in this order:


1. Sharp Objects

2. Gone Girl

3. Dark Places


I thought Gone Girl as excellent, and it was, but Dark Places took it to a whole new level. I don't want to give any of the plot away on this one, but I do want to say if you're a Gillian Flynn fan and looking for a very dark, disturbing read, that you can't put down: then you must pick this one up immediately.


At the end of the e-book, I saw that they are making this book into a movie, so I must check that out as well.


All in all, I'm really glad I had today off and it's raining, so I could hunker down with a tall mug of lavender tea, this book, get lost in the story, and forget about time. Although now, I must admit, I might need a shower, to wash off all the blood...