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A Yummy Fast Paced Summer Read

— feeling evil grin
Dexter Is Delicious - Jeff Lindsay

Summer is a fantastic time of year to get back in touch with my favorite homicidal character, Dexter.


I like this series so much because of the way all the characters interact, the weird circumstances they find themselves in, and of course Dexter's wonderful point of view on what is going on around him.


After finishing this book, I had a weird food craving for a Jibarito, so I'm going to indulge in that once I'm done here.


The plot of this one is that Dexter becomes Dex-Daddy to Lily Anne, but while he's cultivating his "human" side, he gets called in by his sister Deborah, to investigate a case that has to do with vampires/cannibalism. This is where the story gets really good and it ends well too. I can't wait to read the next one.


I still have to read:


  • Double Dexter
  • Dexter's Final Cut
  • Dexter is Dead (which comes out this month)