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The Empathy Exams By Leslie Jamison turned out to be a fantastic read!

The Empathy Exams: Essays - Leslie Jamison

In this book of essays, author Leslie Jamison explores empathy in all it's many forms - physically, emotionally; real, imagined. She does this with smart prose, philosophical questions, true to her life stories, and literary criticism of other essayists from Dideon and Agee, to Karr and Grealy.


I totally got sucked into this book after reading just a few pages, and I must admit here that through this book, I alluded time through reading. I also found myself highlighting A LOT, so I just wanted to share with you two of my most favorite quotes:


"Empathy means realizing no trauma has discrete edges.Trauma bleeds out of wounds and across boundaries."


"Empathy is a choice we make to pay attention, to extend ourselves."



I think that this book should be required reading for every person on this planet. I feel as society becomes more self absorbed we lose empathy towards each other and our struggles; which are basically the same for everyone, they just show up in different ways.


I choose to live life with an open heart and practice empathy on a daily basis. Please say that you will join me.