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Night Film By: Marisha Pessl took me a long time to read, but was worth it!

Night Film: A Novel - Marisha Pessl

Marisha Pessl takes her time writing her books, which I applaud, because it takes me a long time to read her books.


This one is quite different then her first book, which I thought was fantastic! It reads as a mystery, but you're not quite sure if the clues you are being given are accurate until the very end when your brain has an ah-ha moment and it all falls into place. Also, make sure to download the app to read alongside the book, as there are clues in there that will help you make more sense of it all, than just reading the book alone.


I highly recommend that you pick this book up if you have the time to read it, enjoy film, mystery, noir, and dabbling in the Occult.


I am willing to wait another seven years to see what Pessl will write next, as I know it will be interesting, enjoyable, and very unique.