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"Girl Talk: Unsolicited Advice For Modern Ladies" By: Christie Young is Fresh and Funny

Girl Talk: Unsolicited Advice for Modern Ladies - Christie Young

I received a copy of the actual book from Random House, the publisher, in exchange for an honest review; both here on BookLikes and on Blogging For Books.


I have been reading a lot of heavy literary fiction lately, and needed something more fun to read, so when I saw this, I put a request in, and was happily surprised that I got picked. 


I liked everything about this book - from the layout and illustrations, to the snarkiness of Christie Young's voice on the page. Let's just say I chortled a lot while reading this book. It's very chortle worthy, to say the least.


Finally, to get an idea on how awesome this book actually is, I wanted to quote some of my favorites, so here they are:


From Home Office: "Call it a studio, call it an office, just call it something. You'll be working here a while, so get comfortable & get a name - you'll need a place to have business lunches delivered."



From Tattoo Time: "As much as you love your ink, your parents probably won't. Any time is the worst time to break the news, so get it over with already."



Last, but certainly not the least:



From Karaoke: "Refusing to sing karaoke is refusing to be any fun. No one will remember you for singing Paul Simon poorly, but they will remember you trotting your (boring) high-horse into a (not boring) evening. You might make some friends, you might make even more enemies, just make something of yourself on that microphone."


I can't wait to share this book with all of my girlfriends and break into spontaneous fits of laughter with them, and if you enjoy the same things, then pick up a copy of this book - stat.