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The Circle By: Dave Eggers

The Circle - Dave Eggers

A cautionary tale in which the premise is that The Circle (a huge tech company - picture Google merging with Amazon) is almost complete in world domination. Participation is mandatory. Transparency is expected from everyone and if  you refuse, then you will be ruined. All this goes on under the guise of having every voice heard equally, but what is actually being created in the real world is a mob ruled, filterless society, in which secrets are crimes, and Big Brother is watching you every single second of every single day.There is no escape.


Eggers does a really great job in showing both sides of the argument, which was what kept me reading. However, Mae, the narrator really pissed me off, but maybe that was the whole point? I'm still not completely sure. 


I felt that Mercer and Ty were the most interesting and likable characters in the whole story. They were also the most fleshed out as well, and had interesting narrative arcs.


All in all, an enjoyable parable that was well written and fuels the fire for discussion,as the singularity may be closer than any of us really wants to admit, even to our very own selves.