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Certainly NOT 'The Next Best Thing'

The Next Best Thing: A Novel - Jennifer Weiner

Let me start off my review this way: when the days get warmer and longer, and the lake is calling my name, I throughly enjoy reading well done chick lit books; with my feet in the sand, parasol over my towel, sunscreen on my skin, sunglasses on my face, and frozen daiquiri in hand. To me this is about as close to paradise as I can get, in my urban environment.


However, this book was just kind of mediocre because I didn't like Ruthie. To me she wasn't a memorable character. One good part of this book, for me, was Ruthie and Nana's relationship. Having known all four of my grandparent's for 20+ years of my life, they were like second parents to me as well, and it made me very sad when all four passed away within five years of each other. So, I know how important grandchild and grandparent relationships are, and I liked that Jennifer showed that bond throughout this book. If it weren't for Nana, I think I would of abandoned it before I got to the end.


The other interesting part of the book were the insights Jennifer provides into the writing rooms of sitcoms. I have always wondered how that works, and to be honest, it's not always pretty, so I did appreciate the author's honesty here as well.


All in all, if you're looking for a good beach read, I say skip this one and pick up Good in Bed, instead, since the plot was well done and the characters were much more memorable.