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An Interesting Perspective On The Flatness Of Fame

Little Known Facts - Christine Sneed

This novel is about the effects of fame that a well known actor; Renn Ivins, has on the people around him - especially his first ex-wife and their two grown children, Will/Billy and Anna.


To me the story worked when it showed how Will and Anna struggle to get out from the over-bearing shadow of fame that threatens to eclipse them, and how his first ex-wife, Lucy, has worked hard to reclaim her identity as both a woman and physician, since the divorce.


However, my beef with this one, was that there were too many secondary characters. Granted they provided a unique perspective, but at times I felt as if I was being led. Also, there weren't enough differentiation in the character's voices to make Renn's voice stand out as the "big man in Hollywood" that he was supposed to be.


All in all, Christina Sneed provides an interesting perspective on fame - from the family's point of view, instead of the superstar himself - but for me, it just fell short, and wasn't as convicing as I had hoped it would be.