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Too "CUTESY" Of A Christmas Tale For My Tastes

Wishin' and Hopin': A Christmas Story - Wally Lamb

I was looking for a Christmas tale, when I came across this one. Since it was written by Wally Lamb, I thought I'd give it a go, as I really enjoyed some of his other books. This one was different than his other works, in that it was more light-hearted. However, it failed to wow me.


It really didn't have a plot to speak of and it was written in way that's meant to make you feel nostalgic for a different era, but failed. Instead I felt as if I was being beaten over the head, with the writing saying: 'see how quirky and loveable people used to be?' Ugh, sorry, so not for me.


The only redeeming quality for me was that it was a quick read.


This is just my opinion, and I can see that others have read and enjoyed it, quite a bit. I'm going to recommend this to my mom, since she grew up in 1964 and probably could relate to the characters better. I would also recommend this one to anyone who has a funny play story or had to deal with catholic school, then you too might find this one enjoyable as well. 


Anyways, regardless of liking or not liking this book, I wish you all a very happy Holiday season! 




I'm going to be taking the rest of the year off, but will be back next year ready to read and write some more. Cheers!