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Rat Life

Rat Life (Hardcover) - Tedd Arnold A decent read from Tedd Arnold, a fantastic children's author from my home town of Elmira, NY. This book was his first attempt at the genere known as young adult literature and I think he did a pretty good job with it.

The first part of this book is setting up the action and getting to know the characters. The second part is experiencing the action and figuring out the mystery.

This story is told in a compelling first person narration style by the main character Todd. It's a work of fiction, where reders from Elmira, NY will certainly recognize similarities to the actual city and the flood of 1972, that devestated the city. Yet, it's also a mystery about a guy named Rat. Why is his name Rat? What did he do to get sent off to Vietnam when he was only 14? What was his homelife like? All these questions and more can only be answered by reading this book.