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Ghost - Alan Lightman I throughly relished this novel. What a magnificent philosophical debate on the afterlife and beliefs. This book was so eloquently framed and wonderfully written that I couldn't put it down. I really liked the details of the funeral home and the haunted quality the book possessed on every page.

David, the main character is your average joe. He has a boring job (at the bank). He has a routine and everything seems to be moving along just fine until he is laid off at the bank and takes a job at the funeral home in order to help support his mother who is sick. While working at the mortuary, he sees something he can't explain in the slumber room and before he knows it he has believers and non-believers alike trying to figure out if the incident is real. While this debate is going on in the outside world, David is having his own internal debate. Can he firmly say that what he saw was "real" or not? What is real? What is superstition? In the end he comes to the conclusion that some things just happen in a breif moment that can't really be explained. It's more of a feeling and unless one has experienced it for his or herself it's really hard to make others understand.