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Jessica Z.

Jessica Z. - Shawn Klomparens Amazing is the one word that pops into my head after reading this book. Extraordinary is the other.

I liked this book because it was honest and about real people. For instance, I could really relate to Jessica and Katie Z. How they interacted with each other, as well as, their rocky relationship with their mother. Patrick I wanted to find more out about and Josh, well he was interesting. He was the one character I wanted to hate, but just couldn't, especially towards the end when Jessica goes to Josh's funeral and takes the road trip to Michigan with Josh's sister Emily; when they talk about their secrets and conflicting emotions regarding Josh.

What I couldn't believe was that this was Shawn Klomparens first novel! What an incredible story he wove in an amazing voice that my generation can really relate to. Thank you Shawn for writing this novel and thank you Memily for recommending it to me. It's one I'll certainly revisit and recommend to others.