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Lolita, 50th Anniversary Edition

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov Humbert Humbert is the greatest unreliable narrator literature has ever received and this is why I love this book so much. With sayings such as, "To think that between a Hamburger and a Humberger she would - inveriably, with icy precision - plump for the former."

Told in an autobiographical format, Nabokov is the master of language and description, so much so, that the reader can vividly see the events unfold in his or her head.

I have read this novel 4 times now and each and every time I pick up on more of the details and another layer of the story that I missed previously becomes clearer. I feel that the more times you read this novel the more the story is revealed.

Thank you Nabokov for writing such an epic tome.