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Home Safe: A Novel

Home Safe - Elizabeth Berg 3.5 STARS

An interesting exploration of what "home" means to both Helen Ames and her daughter Tessa.

Helen is a writer who's husband died unexpectedly and has come to rely on her daughter Tessa for more than she'd like to admit.

Midge is Helen's friend who tells her that she needs to let Tessa grow up and discover things for herself and that Helen should do the same for herself.

Helen finds herself again when she signs on to teach a writing class. Her students help her navigate through the sorrows of her own situations through their own personal reflections and writings. I really enjoyed this part of the book the best.

Tessa falls in love with one of the students in Helen's writing class when Helen sets him and Tessa up on a blind dinner date at her home. Tessa then finds a new job writing for a magazine in San Francisco and she and Joe move out there together to start their lives over.

All in all, a fast paced, wonderfully lyrical read that I wasn't able to put down once I picked up.