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Grundish And Askew

Grundish and Askew - Lance Carbuncle Dr. Reverend Lance Carbuncle has done it again by sending his readers on a wild ride of murder and mayhem.

Grundish is Askew's best friend and platonic life partner. He's always there to clean up Askew's messes and tells him that he will keep his promise to kill him if the cops ever show up to arrest him.

Askew is one crazy mo-fo! He's not very smart and is always miss-pronouncing things. For instance, at the end of the story when the police are chasing them Askew says, "They're behind us. There's a chopper closing in. If they haven't holmed in on us yet, they're going to any minute." He's also Grundish's best friend and is in love with a young prostitute named Dora.

Turleen is my most favorite character in this story and is Askew's great Aunt. She's the one that brings humor to the situations Grundish and Askew find themselves in. She's a one lung fiery old lady who carries a throwing knife on her inner thigh underneath her bright red dress and has a fondness for hand-rolled filter less cigarettes.

Alf is an ancient burro who was rescued by Jerry, so he wouldn't have to perform any more donkey shows in Mexico. He's so old he coughs up bezoars (and if you don't know what they are you should read this book because they are explained in vivid detail) which is pretty disgusting yet highly entertaining at the same time.

All in all, a wildly entertaining journey that may or may not end badly, but I'll let you discover that for yourself.

Happy reading!