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The Wordy Shipmates

The Wordy Shipmates - Sarah Vowell Sarah Vowell. I love her. She has a great voice one that I could listen to for hours. I thoroughly enjoyed her as Violet in the wonderful movie "The Incredibles" and when she does her thing on NPR's "This American Life," which is quite often.

I felt lucky I was able to snag an audio version of this book from my local library, however (and it's a big one), after getting bored less than half way through and struggling just to finish, this one will not be on my list of books to recommend to others. The reason for this is that I couldn't handle all of the Puritan this and Puritan that mumbo jumbo. I felt by listening to this book I had somehow digressed back to my childhood days, being forced to go to church and listen to lectures on how all the "heathens" aka those of not this [enter your particular religious group here:] were going the way of the devil and why I should rejoice to be a member of this brand of religiousity. Not being one for good girl-ness specifically or religion in general, I would argue back (in my head) that it's not religion that's important, it's spirituality and how you use your gifts every day. I mean I moved away from this kind of thinking for a reason, sheesh!

Anyways, to get back on track of this book review here, the one thing I really enjoyed about all of Sarah's other books that I have read and/or listened to in the past (before I came to this website) is how she mixes facts with snarky personal anecdotes. This book is severely lacking in this aspect.

So, my recommendation to you, dear reader, is if you haven't been exposed to Sarah Vowell before you must go to your local library and get one of Sarah’s older books on tape because printed type doesn't do her unique voice and speech patterns justice, nor does this book (even in it's audio format) prove that she has mad writing skills (which she most certainly does). Oh, and if you bought this one with your hard earned money, I hope you saved your receipt because you might want to return it, unless you enjoyed it, which in that case more power to you!