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Tales Designed to Thrizzle Vol.1

Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Vol. 1 - Michael Kupperman These tales thrizzled ma nizzle fo' shizzle!


This great piece of literature is highly contagious and very humorous. I thoughly enjoyed Michael Kupperman's twisted sense of humor. Some of the highlights included:

* Sex Blimps/Sex Holes
* Boy Bank!
* Pagus, Jesus' Half bro
* NSYNC In "Pirate Scum We Are"
* Snake 'N' Bacon
* Night-time Toilet Section
* How to recognize different kinds of trees and the criminals that hide behind them.

Oh, and let me mention one more time Pagus Jesus' half bro and
Snake 'N' Bacon!

Just send $24.95 to Michael Kupperman today and you'll have this totally awesome book that will keep you up late at night laughing in only 3 -5 business days! Don't delay, act now as quantities are limited and going fast, but don't take my word for it!