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Sex Dungeon For Sale!

Sex Dungeon For Sale! - Patrick Wensink Dear Patrick Wensink -

You made me spit grape juice out of my nose on Public Transportation on the way to my day job because your short stories are so humorous. Now my book looks like it was sprayed with a blood machine. Sure it adds character to the book itself but my nose hurt for the rest of the day and I received quite a few WTF looks while I attempted to clean up before the bus got to my stop.

However, any book that elicits that kind of response from a lowly reader like myself, I consider to be an excellent book and one that I will revisit when life is being way too serious and I need a bizarre, surreal, comedic gold moment to take the edge off.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful compilation of short shorts. I enjoyed every single one of them and feel as if they went by way too fast. Now I can't wait to see what your next novel will be like.

Your fan,

- Kate