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Bite Me: A Love Story

Bite Me - Christopher Moore I heart Abby Normal (which of course is not her real name but the one she gave herself after watching "Young Frankenstein") However, she is the most bad-ass teenager that has ever been turned into a Nossssss-fratu as well as the most comical of them all. Why do I like her so much, well let me give you a glimpse into her crazy goth, emo, punk rock head:

I came leaping out into the living area, my claws ready to rend flesh and kick ass.
And I was all, "Rawr!"
And who do I see there but the vampyre Flood, my most recently escaped master gone mad, who has never even seen me in this outfit, let alone as a vamp.
So I was all "Rawr! Fear Me!"
And he was all, "That's not a thing. Saying "rawr" is not a vampyre thing."
And I'm like, "It is too. I'm totally showing my animal power and fierceness."

Of course the argument goes on from there until Abby has exhausted Flood and he's all like fine you win because you know what, Abby always wins. She's witty, hilarious and ok maybe a bit annoying, but you know what that's why I like her. Plus, her most awesome-haired mad scientist love interest "The Notorious Foo Dog" is awesome in his own way because he is able to put up with her and actually even likes her crazy ways, but probably wouldn't admit it to anyone ever.

However, to understand the bigger picture and how Abigail Von Normal, Emergency Backup Mistress of the Greater Bay Area fits in, you should probably start at the beginning with Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story then read You Suck before even thinking about picking up this lovely lively tale, but that's just my personal opinion and you don't have to listen to me if you don't want to.