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The Failure

The Failure - James Greer Presented in non-linear scenes, this book reads like a movie and is actually one book that I think would translate very well to the big screen exactly as it is.

The Key Players:

- Guy Forget
- Billy
- Violet McKnight
- Sven Transvoort

Plot Summary:

What happens is that Guy Forget's dad dies of a heart attack at a fancy steak house and his brother, Marcus, is trying to call Guy on his cell phone to let him know that father has died and left him $50,000 so he can start up Pandamonium.

However, at exactly the same time Marcus is trying to call Guy, Guy and Billy are in the middle of the Korean check-cashing fiasco also known as plan Charlie and can't reach the phone in time.

Guy's inaction of picking up the phone, ultimately leads to the ironic twist of the whole story which is that Guy gets into a major argument with Billy after they have robbed the Korean check-cashing place and leaves in such a tizzy that he causes an accident that ends his life by putting him in a coma.

Violet, it is learned later on, is the person who sabotaged plan Charlie and planted the seeds of failure so it would turn into the Korean check-cashing fiasco. She is also, Guy Forget's girlfriend.

Sven Transvoort is in love with Violet in his creepy sociopathic ways. He is also the brains behind Pandamonium and was supposed to be the get away driver for Guy and Billy during the Korean check-cashing fiasco. However, since he failed to show up on that fateful day, he takes full responsibility for killing Guy Forget, who was his arch nemisis.