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The Place In Between

The Place in Between - Steven Rage I won it, I won it *Does Happy Dance*

Many thanks to Reverend Steven Rage for selecting me as one of the four finalists to get a free autographed book. I felt truly honored as this was my first time winning a first reads contest.

Ok, now on to my "brilliant" review...

This book takes place mostly underground at The Harbor, in a post-apocalyptic time, after the cataclysmic events have taken place and wiped out a large portion of the human population. It's split up into three stories, which feature some of the same characters and flow nicely together.

My favorite character is The Good Doctor. He has salt and pepper dread locks and likes to create haflings and strange organic narcotics in his Hell's Mouth Determining Hospital The story of his that I enjoyed the most was Bad Notion, Traveling Potion in which his latest narcotic Crosstown Traffic takes on a life of it's own, with an outcome that you wouldn't believe even if I told it to you.

My second favorite story from the book is Blood and Bubblegum this is the first story and by far the most bizarre. This one also features The Good Doctor and his narcotic trade is booming. Humans Mary and Juan (who has a shit monster living inside of him named Morbid) want in on the dealing. However, they must first find The Good Doctor and the nocturne, Pilate, to see if they can get in. They bring Blood and Bubblegum to sweeten them up. The ending of this story comes out of left field and left me wondering what the fuck just happened. Trust me, you'll never think of vampires as sparkly and nice ever again.

The final story is the title story The Place In Between I want to say this one takes place before the Cataclysmic Events happen. Del and his wife Luci have one messed up relationship and things get really out of hand when Sancho sends Del pictures of his wife's latest affair, with him. Del believes a bullet to his brain will be the answer to all his problems, however, it's only the beginning of his time wedged between life and death. During this time, Sancho tortures Del relentlessly and horribly. All Del wants is to recover enough to seek revenge on them both. His prayers are answered when an adorible girl-demon shows up with silky-sweet promises of revenge. This is when the story takes numerous dark twists and turns and the ending is crueler than you could ever imagine.

Reverand Steven Rage is an excellent story teller and fits the elements of bizarro, horror, and sci-fi nicely into these three stories that have some of the best characters I have come across yet. These stories will make you laugh, scare you, and make you stay up all night reading in bed with a flashlight, so don't say I didn't warn you.