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Miles Away... Worlds Apart

Miles Away... Worlds Apart - Alan Sakowitz, Alan Sakotwitz "There's the law and then there's doing what right."

Alan Sakowitz did what was right by bringing Scott Rothstein and his fraudulent practices down.

This part of the book, the financial drama, is told from a more outsider perspective, since Alan only had a few meetings with Scott Rothstein before the red flags became known to him. Then Alan spends time throughout the rest of the narrative contrasting Rothstein’s corrupt world with his own community and showing through specific examples how the people of his community help each other out of kindness and dignity for the human spirit.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not a big fan of organized religion of any kind, but the philosophy behind the teachings Alan presents are really wonderful and uplifting and prove that if each and every one of us shows deep concern about others and choose the good side of our nature, we could kill the greed and self absorbed behaviors that are destructive.

Thank you Alan for reaching out and allowing me this opportunity to read and review your book.