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Museum of the Weird

Museum of the Weird - Amelia Gray I like Amelia Gray and I like weird stories, but this one just didn't deliver the panache I was looking for and had come to expect after reading AM/PM.

The stories that I liked which made this collection of short stories worth reading were:

1. Babies
2. Fish
3. There Will Be Sense

The things that all these stories had that made them more enjoyable than the rest of the collection was that they weren't weird for the sake of weirdness. They had a point and left me pondering some interesting nuances. Plus, they were all in the first half of the book, which seemed more put together, than the second half, that at least to me, just seemed to lose steam quickly.

All in all, worth a skim, but if you haven't readAM/PM I would recommend spending your money on that one first.