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Breathers: A Zombie's Lament

Breathers: A Zombie's Lament - S.G. Browne Being a zombie isn't easy, just ask Andy Warner. He was killed in a car accident that left him severly damaged and unable to talk. Then he reanimated in the mortuary after he was embalmbed. Now he's confined to the wine cellar of his parents house, drinking their expensive wines and eating the formaldehyde out of his mother's cosmetics in order to keep from decomposing more rapidly than he already is.

As long as Andy keeps to himself and doesn't protest for zombie civil rights or try to see his flesh and blood "breather" daughter, everything will be alright. That is until he meets Rita and his whole zombie existence will never be the same again.

Hilarious and engaging, this is not your mother's typical Hollywood zombie novel by any means. Plus, the cover art is fabulous and it makes for a fun and quirky Valentine's Day read.

Now that I'm done reading the book I have the sudden urge to "Do The Zombie" the Eyeliners way.