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It Came from Below the Belt

It Came from Below the Belt - Bradley Sands This is the best book by Bradley Sands I have read yet and I'm really really really glad I purchased my copy before it went out of print. I know it's a lot of really's but I mean each and every one of them.

Bradley Sands is an absurd bird, but that's to be expected, I mean it is bizarro after all! This book has so many great lines, turns of phrases and hilarious moments that I would like to share with you, but I won't because it'll be giving too much away.

However, I will say this. Things like 'Goldstein' 'The Unnamable' 'Yes or No (aka Si o No)' made me ROLF (roll on the laughing floor) because my floor laughs and I don't. It was as if Mr. Sands had read my mind and just regurgitated it on the page then sold it as a book and made a boat load of money before it went out of print and for that I applaud his endeavors and plan on purchasing all of his books as long as they don't take me a month to slog through like My Heart Said No But the Camera Crew Said Yes, which in all actuality is a very good book.

So, if you've learned one thing from this review today, I hope it's this:

Take everything I write with a little pinch of sugar and salt por favor!