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alt.punk - Lavinia Ludlow This book is absolutely fabulous!

So fabulous in fact, I had to read it twice because the first time I inhaled the text like Hazel does diet soda. Then on the second reading, I took my time and still came to the conclusion that this book just rocks!

I could totally relate to Hazel (except for the whole hypocondriac/germaphobe thing) and really enjoyed going along for the ride. It made a few things about my own life clearer in the process, so I'm grateful for those insights.

I really liked the chaotic frenzied feel of the book and the descriptions were spot on. It totally made me revert back to teenagedom/early 20's when I had my mom blabbling in one ear and Dead Kennedy's blasting in the other. So, even though I might not look as punky as I once did (I still have my nose ring and tattoos), the music will always live on in my heart.

All in all, I was throughly entertained by alt.punk and not offended at all and I can't wait to read Lavinia Ludlow's next book, as she's a new author I'm going to keep my eye on for sure!