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Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3) - Stephenie Meyer Bailey, Donovan, and I had a keg to finish on a chilly wintery Monday night. So, we rented this movie to see how bad this installment would actually be.

Bailey and I were so bored with the movie about five minutes into it, we decided to do an "Eclipse" drinking game instead. Every time Bella became a whiny little co-dependent bitch, we'd drink. Every time Jacob turned into a wolf, we'd drink. Every time there was a naked torso, we'd drink. Everytime we saw a pale vampire face, we'd drink. Let's just say by 10pm we were feeling really good, so good in fact we turned the movie into our version of a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" show and it suddenly became a throughly hilarious rip fest. Man I wish I had that shit recorded.

Anywho, after watching the movie, I was glad I didn't waste any more of my precious time by actually reading the book.

However, Donovan said that I should read the 4th installment because there is some juicy action there. Maybe some sex? Keeping fingers crossed because I can't handle Bella and Edward any longer. Just do it already and be done with it. Sheesh!