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10 a Boot Stomping 20 a Human Face 30 Goto 10 - Jess Gulbranson I discovered Jess Gulbranson's writing in the bizarro tome: Bradley Sands is a Dick and liked his piece so much, I decided I needed to read his other books he has listed here on GoodReads.

When he befriended me he said I should start with this book, which I could get in e-book format on Smashwords for very little cost. Bingo, I was sold! He also told me that he had a soundtrack to accompany this story and that he would send me the link. What a cool idea and since I just love listening to music while I read, I couldn't wait to read a story that had it's very own sound track.

Let's just say I wasn't disappointed. The soundtrack rocked and the story was awesome too.

The story is basically about a guy named Eric who works in an obscure record shop. Then one day a mysterious stranger enters his place of work and he finds himself on an adventure like no other he has ever experienced before. However, the story goes much deeper than what I've just explained, but is so well written that it doesn't seem like overkill and the story never gets bogged down.

It's certainly a fast paced read that I think all music lovers and readers of interesting literature will find appealing.