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A Misfit's Manifesto

A Misfit's Manifesto: The Spiritual Journey of a Rock-and-Roll Heart - Donna Gaines I am a misfit. I have a rock n roll heart, but this book was an EPIC FAIL on both the music and memoir fronts. This fact was totally disappointing to me because I really, really, really enjoy reading books on both subjects equally as much. My main beef with this book was that it read more like an autobiography of Ms. Gaines life; with minute, inconsequential details, that as a reader I could have given a rat’s ass about.

She could of/should of explored her ideas on how rock n roll in general and The Ramones specifically, saved her life. I’m personally intrigued and never get tired of hearing stories about the ways art of any genre helps people heal and come into their own.

If she had explored that connection and had a better editor (because there was a shit load that could have been left out and still would of gotten her point across) I think this book would have been much better, more approachable/accessible, and just plain old more enjoyable, then the slogging I ended up doing.