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The Road from Coorain - Jill Ker Conway A fantastic and engaging memoir showing how Jill Ker Conway's early years on the sheep farm in Coorain, Australia helped shape her into the academic she later became here in the United States.

This book starts off beautifully with in depth descriptions of the harsh Australian outback, a place I've never been, but would like to go, and through Ms. Conway's words I was there. Then the book ends with Jill Ker Conway leaving for America at age 26. I enjoyed the fact that education was fun for her, not an arduous process based on test scores, which seems to be the focus of education here in America. If it was more fun, I might of liked it more myself.

However, I'm not going to lie, this is a heavy book. Ker Conway's life was plagued by loss and struggle, but even still, this is a beautifully and thoughtfully written memoir; a must read, and one I will venture back to from time to time.

P.S. I read this book the first time in high school based on a reading list my English teacher made up for me because I had already read so many of the required titles and was dominating the in class discussions. However, I think I got so much more out of it this time around now that I'm older.