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Death Is Not an Option: Stories

Death Is Not an Option: Stories - Suzanne Rivecca First of all, let me just state here that I won this book on Good Reads via the First Reads giveaway. When I received this book in the mail, I tore open the package in only what could be called a 'bodice ripping' movement. I was that excited to read this collection of short stories that I had heard so much praise about and you know what?

I actually really enjoyed the seven stories that make up this collection and felt the praise it's been getting was pretty accurate.

The stories that make up this book have running themes that permeate not only the story but the book as a whole. These themes are:

- Catholic Guilt
- Losing one's religion
- Loss of Innocence before it's even known that it's theirs to lose
- A constant sense of futility
- Heartbreaking moments where witty humor is used to defuse the situation and maybe even come to understand it better

The voices of the women narrators in each of these pieces are very strong and opinionated, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I saw a lot of myself in each of these stories since I most certainly would regard myself as a 'disenchanted catholic' and I am still trying to unravel my own web of guilt.

All in all, a very good read from an awesome up and coming new writer. Suzanne Rivecca, you've found a new fan in me.