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Felix and the Sacred Thor

Felix and the Sacred Thor - James  Steele I like books that make people uncomfortable and according to Anita Dalton's review on www.ireadoddbooks.com this book does that and so much more. So, I'm really intrigued to read it and see for myself.

Holy moly me oh my, boy oh boy, is this one of the most bizarre and interesting books I have come across in the NBAS series. I've been struggling to write this review for a few days now and these few words keep popping into my brain:


But that's not all this book is about, oh no it's not! It's also a statement on our society. How we're all overeducated, but under employed. How when you work in any customer service field whether it be retail or the front lines of a corporation (like I do), you'll always wish to have your own version of 'The Thor' to use as a weapon on all the ID10T's out there.

Yes, this book certainly has it's moments, but hey it's labeled as bizarro after all, and if you can get past the opening sequence of a naked Felix all lubed up running through a field of horses to use his equine stress management degree, then you should certainly pick up this book and read it.