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Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls - Jacqueline Susann So, I finally got around to reading this one (I got it out of the library) and I must admit the book was slightly better than the movie (which I also borrowed from the library). However, when I found this poem based on the movie, I thought it pretty much summed up all my thoughts on both the book and the movie. Plus, I don't think I could of said it better myself:

“Things to Do in Valley of the Dolls (The Movie)” by David Trinidad

Move to New York.
Lose your virginity.
Become a star.
Send money to your mother.

Call pills “dolls.”
Fire the talented newcomer.
Have a nervous breakdown.
Suffer from an incurable degenerative disease.

Sing the theme song.
Do your first nude scene.
Wear gowns designed by Travilla.
Become addicted to booze and dope.

Scream “Who needs you!”
Stagger around in a half-slip and bra.
Come to in a sleazy hotel room.
Say “I am merely traveling incognito.”

Get drummed out of Hollywood.
Come crawling back to Broadway.
Pull off Susan Hayward’s wig
and try to flush it down the toilet.

End up in a sanitarium.
Hiss “It wasn’t a nuthouse!”
Get an abortion.
Go on a binge.

Detect a lump in your breast.
Commit suicide.
Make a comeback.