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Dear Diary

Dear Diary - Lesley Arfin, Chloƫ Sevigny 2.5 stars

I'm on the edge with this one and it's not of glory either. (Lady Gaga fans put your paws up!)

I liked the format a lot. I liked that she took the entries straight out of her personal diaries and then reflected upon it from her older self and interviewed the people involved with those entries. That was what made me stick with it and read it to the very end because Lesley Arfin has some big cajones for airing her personal laundry for all to see and read.

But (and it's a big one) I didn't like her spoiled bratty romanticism of her druggy ways. I'll admit I have a huge problem reading about drug addiction in memoirs for this reason alone. Sure, she admitted there's nothing romantic about it, yet, she spent a ton of time rehashing those memories.

I may not of come from Long Island, but I did come from upstate New York and saw way too many of my friends (especially those who were really fantastically artsy) die from heroin overdoses. That's why I never felt the urge to experiment with these kinds of drugs, even though they were prevelant in the punk rock and rave scenes, which I would frequent for the music. However, even there I was considered an outcast for not experimenting enough. Oh well, at least I'm still alive and I'm glad Lesley is too.